Acer GN246HL Review: 144Hz Gaming Monitor Under $200

The desire to improve gaming for most individuals is often short-lived because of the extremely high prices of most gaming monitors which range mostly above $500. What if you could achieve the same gaming experience from a monitor coming at a much lesser price under $200. If you aim at saving your money but still achieve the best gaming, then the Acer GN246HL 144Hz monitor is the best option for you. Learn about the impressive gaming monitor from the breakdown below which you can read more on

Acer GN246HL Specifications

This gaming monitor offers high-end specifications compared to most monitors in the same budget bracket. Some of the impressive specifications include the following:

24 Inch screen size
1920 x1080 (full HD) Resolution
1ms response time
144Hz refresh rate
TN panel type
16:9 Aspect ratio
350nits brightness
The weight is 3.52kg with stand and 3.07 without the stand.
23-watt power consumption


This is one of the fields in which Acer GN246HL is really mind-blowing. Unlike other cheap gaming monitors which only come with a refresh rate of 60Hz, this one comes with a refresh rate 144Hz which is really impressive as most gamers attest. Another highlight worth noting is the splendid on-screen movement which is more fluid compared to other gaming monitors in the same price bracket.

The 1920 x 1080 resolution offered by the monitor is very essential when it comes to displaying the best quality of video details when gaming. Though it lacks game specific settings provided by other gaming monitors, it still offers an excellent viewing experience due to the impressive brightness as well as colour contrasts thus giving this gaming monitor a plus. The supported use of both Nvidia vision and NVIDIA 3d light boost technology also helps to ensure brighter and better picture quality as well as aiding it to offer full HD imagery.

The monitor also offers a good viewing angle performance though you cannot adjust the monitor up or down and it can only tilt for 15 degrees forward which is really stressful when gaming. However, the monitor allows you to mount it to the wall which is quite a solution to its adjustment problems.


Other than bragging about its impeccable performance, the aesthetic value of Acer GN246HL is a feature which cannot go unnoticed. It is by far one of the most stylish gaming monitors available. This is mainly brought about by the splendid copper highlights present in the four-spooked stand. Also, the power button located on the bottom right of the monitor which glows blue when turned on and the other buttons are also neatly placed at the bottom of the monitor.

The monitor is also specifically designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient since it saves up to 68 percent if the power which is really impressive.

With all the great features mentioned above, the Acer GN246HL gaming monitor is a great monitor which would impress any severe gamer especially with the very affordable price that it comes in. If you look forward to buying another gaming monitor, then it is worth to consider the Acer GN246HL gaming monitor which will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience.

How Many Gallons of Water Is Required by the Body

Most of our body is made up of water which is necessary for the transportation of nutrients to the various body parts. It is therefore important to drink enough water each day. The average human being needs at least 0.502 gallons of water each day to ensure being healthy. The 0.502 gallons of water a day plays a critical role in the body. Blood is made up partly water which is used in the supply of oxygen to the various body parts.

To avoid the risk of constipation which is caused by the dehydration of the colon, it is important to drink enough water which will rehydrate the colon hence minimizing constipation. The body needs to regulate itself from harsh temperature conditions through sweating. Sweating which is made up of water is caused by the body trying to cool its internal temperature. For this to occur, a person needs to take at least 0.502 gallons of water. The kidney filters blood and helps remove toxins. For this to happen, the kidneys need plenty of water so that it can filter toxins and remove impurities in the blood. Lack of enough water in the body can be manifested through the urine is dark yellow in color. this can be solved by taking about 0.5022 gallons of water every day.

Our bodies need energy to perform the activities we may be having. Water breaks down the nutrients we have to energy which is used by the body to perform different tasks. Another importance of having enough water is so as to help our brain function properly. Since it is dependent on enough oxygen supply, having enough water helps in the circulation of blood and hence oxygen into the brain thus helping the brain function properly. As indicated it is important to have at least 0.502 gallons of water a day so that we can function properly as human beings.

How to Promote your Film Online: Effective Ways

Directing a film is all about fun and games since you realize you still want to work after your film is completely over. The online hub is updating quickly and compared to just half a year ago, uploading your film on Vimeo or YouTube won’t assure your views. Based on this, let’s see some of the strategies to promote your film online in effective ways.

Having Prior Knowledge should be your Plan

Having a simple web page with the reputable set up of the blog, that can be very successful in your film. If that’s not an efficient task for you, making a Tumblr page can be just as valuable. You can utilize your studio’s account of your individual one and develop via that. Nonetheless, on Facebook, it is successive to make a page for the film, where individuals can desire it and statically get an efficient update.

Keywords, Descriptions, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Initialize by claiming a good topic for your video. An essential thing to remember is to think like a surf engine, think about the individuals that are seeking for a film like your, and what they would enter to surf for it. It should comprise your movie title, importing your name is not required, since you are a well-known individual and your name is typically Google name, then utilize it for marketing needs.


Posting articles about your film can get attention from individuals on the web. Discuss your thoughts, how it came about, and what attract you via to create this story, but more essentially talks about your experience and guides to other directors. These platforms are commonly consumed a limited in an array of links that can be added, but if yours is fascinating individuals normally follow up by selecting your profile and claiming your site and film.

Online Submissions

The connected web can be a harsh arena for young directors, but great skill generally does not go unseen. An essential thing is not to give up and learn from past experiences. Then there are some sites specially made for short films like our own. Some of the films are selective, featured and reviewed. These can deliver as a great filter to popular apps like ShowBox. This app is very popular among the people and here is the link to the download page for the app.

There are a number of other sites out there and apps like MovieBox, online short films, but these provide more as directories rather than popular sites. MovieBox has ultimate features like movie rating options, watch movie offline, etc. So, you can download Movie Box app now to have a look at all the promoted movies.

Final Say

At last, focus on submitting to famous sites and blogs that are linked to your film’s theme. All this will consume time, but with rightful networking and perseverance, it will pay off. And, yes, directing your films stunning will assist and will often describe your success in an effective manner. Hence, make use of these approaches to promote your film and gain a better response from the public.